K. Hovnanian Spillway Work

Starting next week (8/22/16), K. Hovnanian will begin work to address the wash out area in the pond, the drainage along the bike path and misc. repairs to the bike path in the area between Fifth St. and Yoakum Blvd.

They are planning to stage a temporary construction entrance to get concrete and stone trucks to the pond area. This

Churchill Club Clubhouse, Oswego, IL

HOA/Master Association Comparison

There has been some confusion between the HOA and the Master Association.  Below you will find a table with some comparisons of the two, as well as some FAQ underneath.

HOA  Master Association
What are the fees  $20/month  $535/year
Who pays the fees All single family homes in Churchill Club. Both single family homes and town homes in Churchill Club.

Fountain update (It works!)

At the end of last week, the vendor had the waterfall running!

He couldn’t leave it running for safety reasons until a splicer for the cord is installed.  That is being installed tomorrow (8/9), but it is fully operational.  A programmer is coming out later in the week when he is in the area, to finish the last little bit.


V3 Boom Spraying

The company V3 is onsite today (7/20/16) conducting boom spraying of the existing weedy vegetation at the Churchill Club HOA basin (wetland).  The basin is located on the west side of Douglas on Bluegrass.


Fountain Update (7/19)

Update (7/19):  We are just waiting on the pump which has been stuck in customs.  Our vendor is trying to get this resolved with the supplier asap.

Update (7/15):  We are told that they are hoping to have the waterfall up and running next week.  The only thing that would hold it up is that the pump still isn’t in.