Churchill Club Clubhouse, Oswego, IL

HOA/Master Association Comparison

There has been some confusion between the HOA and the Master Association.  Below you will find a table with some comparisons of the two, as well as some FAQ underneath.

HOA  Master Association
What are the fees  $20/month  $535/year
Who pays the fees All single family homes in Churchill Club. Both single family homes and town homes in Churchill Club.
What does this cover This is for all the common areas in the single family homes area.  This includes the fountain and open fields.  This is also the entity that governs over home violations. This is primarily for the clubhouse and pool.
What does this NOT cover This does not cover any land in the town homes area, land owned by the original builders still, or land that the park district owns. This does not cover the path, field, basketball courts, tennis courts, or volleyball courts by the clubhouse, as they are owned by the park district.

Other FAQ

Can I make just one payment for both associations?
Unfortunately, no.  They are two separate entities and their finances must be kept separate.

Can money in the Master accounts be used for the HOA or vice versa?
Unfortunately again, no.  The two finances must be kept separate.

What is the reserve account?
This account is for capital expenses and large unforeseen expenses only.  This account cannot be used for any typical expenses, maintenance, or small projects.